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CFD Volunteer Crisis Fund Launches into 2021 with a New President

CFD Volunteer Crisis Fund Launches into 2021 with a New President

CHEYENNE, WY – The Cheyenne Frontier Days (CFD) Volunteer Crisis Fund (VCF) Board, has elected a new president, Jeremy Lopez.

“The VCF is moving in a more productive, more structured, and more organized direction,” says Jeremy, newly elected CFD Volunteer Crisis Fund, Inc. President. “Traditionally, VCF had a set way of doing things. We needed a new approach, a new look, and we needed to slow down and simplify the entire organization. Our procedures should be a more effective asset to the CFD volunteers in a time of need or crisis.”

Together with the board, the request form will be revamped for ease of use for the applicant requesting funds with the volunteer in mind. In addition, both parties are in the preliminary stages of launching an official VCF website which will be user friendly for the CFD volunteers.

“Joe Lopez started this in 2007 with the mindset ‘who takes care of the volunteers?’ we do, this organization.” Jeremy Lopez goes on to say, “That’s what our mindset has always been and will be moving forward. I am honored to have been voted in as President by the current board members. Without this team beside me, we could not and would not be as successful as we are today.”

The VCF Board of Directors has been using down time due to COVID-19 to take VCF to the next level for the volunteers. They are continuing to seek ways to raise money and support the broader mission of the VCF.

“I personally would like to thank my team, Aleyta, Bill, Bob, Brent, Jayden, Joe, John, Keith, Rashell, Rhonda, Tasha and Tiffany. I would also like to add a huge thank you to our wonderful sponsors that have continued to stick with us throughout the last year, we all know it hasn’t been easy, for anyone. Without your continued support we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. Thank you,” said Jeremy Lopez.

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